Autumn Winter 2018- Alice In Wonderland

“It’s about the antiquity of the playing cards, the elegance of colour that brings magical moments — as it continues to create a story no matter what era we are talking about,” Ms. Aditi said.

Aditi is an Alice in Wonderland fanatic and teacup collector. So, when we asked about her debut collection, Alice was at the top of her list. She also said that , in her fantasy of dreams as a child, Disney opened up its wonderland for her ,who had a charming Prince.

The autumn winter 2018 collection story inspired is amiably dark, as the designer has also inculcated wildflowers, teacups, birds , and hearts inspired by the Queen of Hearts.

“ There’s a new magical collection to fall in love with “- as the twinkling eye tells me.

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Satin scarfs - hand embroidered - ladybird - florals
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Brand Overview

DECHEVALERiE en Rouge, a French word, is derived out of the designer’s fantasy of the idea of chivalric ceremonial culture arising out of the Middle Ages. The vision of this noble perfection of refined elegance,  as a matter of fact ….the courtly love between the lady and the man of admiration & the knights belonging to the Medieval Institution of Dynasty , which should be worth it !

The belief systems could have arise out of the persistent ideology of gracious and beautiful Renaissance art and artistic flair of the designer. Her brand is devoted to the early 18th Century wherein , the entrepreneur has thoughtfully created designs that has been taken from her mother’s flawless ideas of her aesthetic manner , her unconditional and  selfless love , for her children in magical ways of creativity and uniqueness, that’s enchanting for any civilization.

The brand focuses upon three pillars of her belief systems – Humanitarian values towards Animal Wellbeing , Embracing Culture with the presence of Independence, & Child Welfare that supports for Mental & Physical Safety.

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