Urban Vert Bow Ties and Pocket Square

Urban Vert Bow Ties and Pocket Square in 100% cotton reminds us of Men’s passion for Polo sport . Checked patterns for a sporty look gives a reason for your Man to look stylish yet, contemporary. 

INR 2390/-

Royal Bleu Bow Ties and Pocket Square

Royal Bleu Bow Ties and Pocket Square in 100% cotton is what Men always desire for in their wardrobe . Let the Man redefine his formal wear with a signature piece collection, that gives a classic and sophistication appeal to his persona.

INR 2390/-

Pine Coral Bow Ties and Pocket square

Pine Coral Bow Ties and Pocket square is apt for a formal look for men’s wear. Its a perfect accessory for a suave and refined look that can complement any attire around the year.

INR 2190/-

Cherry Pine Bow Ties and Pocket square

Cherry Pine Bow Ties and Pocket square does complement the men’s personal style for a regal look. Let this piece be the one of a signature piece in any man’s wardrobe.

INR 1990/-

Vermilion Rust Bowties and Pocket Square

For a Man who loves to travel during a vacation, this weekend bespoke essential is unique and romantically appealing! Our sublime everyday pieces goes well with western classic silhouettes that are super classic and sticks to the philosophy of being naturalistically vintage collection, a timeless era.

INR 2190/-

Dove Raisin Bowties and Pocket Square

We love the idea of a Man’s perception that is significant to his lifestyle . A respectable closet that admires for the best looks of splendid collection, yet very rustic occasionally. We bring you the winning quality essentials that are unique & hearty for a modern dressed Man. The refined fibre and colours that make the most conquering everyday day dressing for an office wear.

INR 2590/-

Sage Albert Bowties and Pocketsquare

Men who love being dressed up to a minimalistic casual look, for a day out with friend’s get-together. Subtle & toned, our 100% cotton bowties are a win-win option that’s selective to any occasion. These beloved statement pieces doesn’t make you a feel of being over dressed and is different to an everyday attire. Make yourself aesthetically appealing!

INR 1990/-

Basil Magpie Bowties and Pocketsquare

Our legacy stands strong for offering the most desirable epitome of goodness and seasoned designs that is culturally idealistic and radiates an enhanced look. Let these weekend street wear quintessentials be the center piece in a Man’s wardrobe ,that he can carry gracefully blended with his office wear or wearing to a Polo club to add a charming look to his overall attire.

INR 2390/-