Terms & Conditions

DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge is a registered brand owned by Ms Aditi Swain, in New Delhi, India.

This domain name www.dechevalerierouge.com and all other related services are in the name of the brand DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge.

This website is in the form of an electronic record and does not require any digital signature.

DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge permits the customer to surf the website or buy through Instagram and Facebook page of the brand.

By surfing through the website, the customer or user agrees to contact directly with the employee/ founder of the brand for buying or enquiry of prices, if required, in India and Internationally.

All the orders via Instagram or Facebook page should be confirmed to us via direct email.

Any communication via Facebook, Instagram for orders, returns, exchange etc shall be ignored and should be direct via email as mentioned above.

Any individual doing a bank transaction for buying, exchange purpose etc. he/she is above 18 years of age. We advice, children below 18 years must be in guidance of his/her parents while doing any transaction or buying products from us.

If a person is surfing the website or any social media page, he/she agrees that –

He/ she has read all the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other mentioned details written on our website.

He/She is not linked to any agency that is harmful against human rights, individually or a group.

He/she has no right to copy or distribute, access, forward information about the brand, the designs, graphics, or any details related to it in any medium to any person, agency, etc. in India and Internationally.

He /She respect the brand policy and shall not buy for resell purpose in any other label or brand name after buying from our brand or copy, produce at a low cost to customers.

He/ She will not create any fake social media page or use any other electronic medium, WhatsApp etc. to send any pornographic , misleading, spam, threatening activities or are involved in any suspicious activities ; to any individual, group , society of any age, religion, class, country, sex, profession, background he/she belongs to.

He/she would not promote the brand in any manner if he/she is officially not hired or in partnership with our brand, in form of a in written communication with the founder.

All the activities, like designing , marketing, sales should be done only after an offer /appointment with the employee by the founder only, provided the person is above 18 years of age .

Any similarity in printed fabrics in any manner is coincidental or due to the fabrics /material brought from various vendors that are also available in the market and are accessible for purchase of fabrics for the purpose of constructing garments, apparel, or any such related items. This is applicable in India and abroad.

The handwork ,designs, construction, is original and is made after carefully selection of quality fabrics and is created with the finest of threads and unique design elements .

The logos, drawings, designs, photos ,content ,etc given in the website or official page is the legal property of the brand. It shall not be copied, forwarded, distributed, reproduced, or any kind of plagiarism should not be made anywhere .

DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge sells only the products that are related to the brand/ apparel .The brand reserves the rights to sell it with the labels/ tags and to do marketing, selling or other related , production, retail, ecommerce, marketing and selling strategies for the brand.

Prices, material, specifications ,design etc. are subject to change without any prior knowledge of the customer as per the season’s collection.

The quality of the products are in the best of quality and we have not made any compromise in the standards and specifications, while design, making, packaging and selling of our product.

The customer agrees that she has read the wash and care instructions mentioned behind tags, after the customer receives the order.

DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge does not claim or guarantee that the script or product description that this web page is human error in Indian or International language.

Our Rights

DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge reserves the right to cancel the order in case the shipping information is incomplete or not genuine .

DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge has full authority to delete or add any product of the brand due to unavailability of fabric, new collection or change of stock.

DE CHEVALERiE en Rouge will not be responsible for any theft, damage, replacement of the product during freight or courier , once the shipment is made. However, full refund of the product will be granted to the customer.

Taxes and Duties internationally shall be according to the respective government laws .

The customer would be solely responsible to assure, that the taxes and duties in the respective country has been paid ..and has reached the to their destination once order and payment is made online.


We can ask for the customer’s name of customer, contact details, date of birth, email id., in our website.

The customer’s details are kept under confidential with the brand and shall not hamper the privacy of the customer.

We respect the privacy of our customers and emails/ newsletters relating to sales, discounts, birthdays, etc are sent only after the request upon the customer on our website.

Once customer /user has entered his/her contact details/ email id in the website, he or she agrees that emails/promotional newsletters or any related brand info shall be sent to the customer in concern to discounts, events, etc. This service will be stopped only upon the request by the customer on our website.

Cookie Policy

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We also analyse website analytics that define us to improve and update it on a timely basis .We do not collect any personal data or information of our visitors through this cookie policy.
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